an EP by shiftBacktick

Welcome to Alpha Periphery

Explore musical playgrounds

Situated off the edge of explored space, Alpha Periphery is the brightest star of its cluster. It's home to many interconnected worlds to freely explore, including: a desert planet, an ocean world, and its icy moon.

Desert portal.

Synthesize new abilities

Equipped with only a scanner and limited cargo space, the surveyor must gather materials to synthesize and upgrade their internal systems. These confer new abilities that assist their travels—and breathe life into old locations.

Eclipse on snowy mountain.

Uncover a mysterious past

To complete their primary objective, the surveyor notes scientific observations and significant discoveries in their codex. Piecing together artifacts and abandoned structures, they infer the true purpose of Alpha Periphery.

Pyramid at sunset.

Stay for a while

Every destination in the Alpha Periphery system is an ephemeral space with distinct musical and visual themes. No two moments are quite the same with its procedurally-generated terrain and ambient music systems.

Ocean waves at sunrise.


Underwater caves.